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Advantages of CLIK lubricated tracks

Certified with ISO9001, CLIK has been doing our utmost to ensure the products superior in quality, every time!

• Fully quenched & tempered track links as per OEM specification and with typical hardness over HB360 and sharpy impact value over 39 J/cm²

• Induction hardened rail surface of track links with hardness over HRC50 with enhanced wear resistance.

• Carburized thickness over 3mm for bushings and hardness over HRC55

• Full hardened and tempered pins with typical hardness over HRC55 for best resistance to wear and fatigue

• Quality seals made branded European manufacturer to endure the working temperature over 200 degree

• Branded oil ensure extreme working temperature: -50℃-180℃

• PPR structure for D9 to D11 track link assembly


CLIK Tracks Manufacturing (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is the only integrated manufacturer in China with the state-of-art facilities in-house from steel rolling,forging, machining, heat treatment and assembling lines plus testing instruments.